Korea-SEGIB Forum

The Double Digital and Sustainable Transformation to promote Innovative and Resilient Economies: The challenge of water management

November 29, 2022, Madrid.

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    Discover the most relevant experiences of digital transformation for sustainable development in Korea and Iberoamerica.

    Government leaders, founders of startups and innovative SMEs, the real important actors of the double transformation.

    Digital technology as a sustainable enabler. Changing the paradigm of the water economic model. Ensuring hydric security against the effects of climate change. Changing waste into resources, making a shift from the linear economy to the circular economy.

    The Korea-SEGIB Forum is a meeting place for digital transformation and sustainable development, promoting SMEs on their path towards technological, intelligent and efficient management of resources.

    The meeting point for leaders looking for ways to create, consolidate and expand triple-impact businesses!

    Innovation and Digital transformation policies in SMEs towards productivity improvement and the development of an innovative culture will be covered, sharing Korean and Latin American success experiences.

    We will immerse ourselves in the startup ecosystem to understand how technology acts as a sustainable enabler, providing significant contributions to the circular economy, the care of the planet and especially the most vital resource: water.


    November 29, 2022, Madrid
    SEGIB Conversatory, Floor 0 – Paseo de Recoletos 8

    9:30 a 10:00

    Opening Session

    Andrés Allamand, Ibero-American General Secretary.
    Bahk Sahnghoon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Spain.

    09:50 a 10:00

    Family Photo

    10:00 a 11:15

    – Session 1: Innovation and Digital Transformation Policies in SMEs towards productivity improvement: Korean and Ibero-American experiences.

    ✓ Industry 4.0 and digital transformation initiatives. The case of Argentina.
    ✓ Circular Economy and SDGs: the case of the Dominican Republic.
    ✓ Boosting the Korean entrepreneurial ecosystem and its cooperation with Ibero-America
    ✓ Connected Industry. The case of open innovation in Spain.

    Moderator: Esteban Campero, Head of Economy, and Business SEGIB.

    Priscila Makari, Subsecretary of Industry of the Argentinian Government.

    Fantino Polanco, Vice-Minister of Industrial Development, Government of Dominican Republic.

    Hee-Jun Lee, Senior manager, Global Business Department of the Korea SMEs, and Startups Agency (KOSME)

    Mónica Castilla Baylos, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain.

    11:15 a 11:30

    – Questions and Answer Session

    11:30 a 12:00

    Coffee Break

    12:00 a 13:30

    – Session 2. Digital transformation and innovation for sustainable water management.

    ✓ Water and Circular Economy: The Spanish case.
    ✓ Korean policy on Smart water management.
    ✓ Innovative companies for sustainable water management.
    ✓ Digital technology for water infrastructure.

    Moderator: Miguel Marchamalo Sacristán, Subdirector of the Center for Innovation in Technologies for Human Development (itdUPM) .

    Concepción Marcuello, Coordinator, Directorate General for Water, Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO).

    Kihwan Kim, Representative of the Colombian office, Korea Environmental Institute of Industry and Technology (KEITI).

    Belén Gutiérrez López, Head of the Department of Desalination R+D+I, GS Inima.

    Julia Muñoz Rico, Director Business Development Aganova

    13:30 a 13:45

    – Questions and Answer Session

    13:45 a 14:00

    – Conclusions and closure



    SEGIB Conversatory, Floor 0 – Paseo de Recoletos 8